System of Elements Sardinia - A reflection of an authentic and daring lifestyle

The SARDINIA is the most complete collection in the Forma Ideale assortment for 2020, as it consists of as many as 18 elements. The segments of the SARDINIA system of elements are carefully designed to represent a uniform solution for decorating the entire home, living room, hallway and bedroom. The SARDINIA collection is characterized by a modern design of contrasting features, and one of the benefits that contributes to the aesthetics is possibility of adding additional lighting.

Bold and creative play with aesthetics gives a sense of harmony in the combination of opposites, which is a kind of a step forward in interior design. It is, on the one hand, emphasized by the warmth of the natural and rustic artisan oak decor, which is the basis of all elements in the SARDINIA system, with the admixtures of subtle black decor elements on the fronts, and the industrial characteristics of the handles and other elements in the metal decor, on the other. The segments of metal decor are characterized by a special finish, which gives industrial seriousness to each element individually.

This aesthetic blend has made the SARDINIA system of elements particularly attractive to those who are determined to incorporate modern designed furniture and authentic and innovative contrast aesthetics into their living space. Aproach like this is one of the few design choices that suffices for itself and seeks minimal decorative interventions.

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