The production range consists of more than 1,000 items from the assortment of panel and upholstered furniture. The total annual production capacity of Forma Ideale exceeds 2,200,000 packages of furniture per year. The production process starts with the design of a product solution and a feasibility study. Design tools include the latest software, tailored to specific requirements of 3D design. Forma Ideale has 3 production facilities in Kragujevac and Majdanpek.

Production of panel furniture

The primary part of the production covers close to 100,000 sqm. The production capacity of the company consists of 4 groups of machines, organized in accordance with the basic production process phases: cutting is performed on 7 machines, edging on 4 lines and 6 independent units, and the drilling process on 3 CNC machining centers with 4 flow drills. Packaging is carried out on 2 lines with automated package closing and transport, including the facility for production of cardboard packaging.

A special part of the production process is the processing of MDF boards on the machining center and their foil-coating. Elements are processed following design solutions, with 3D applications on the fronts.

Quality control

Quality Control Service is organized in accordance with the requirements of the process model of the current quality system. The Quality Control Service, within the scope of its activities, coordinates and controls the following activities: control of receipt of materials/input products, process control, consisting of three rings of control, final control, based on the mandatory assembly of a controlled item (product) for each production series, based on visual, dimensional and functional properties, and issuing of approval for packaging of the product — series.

Upholstered furniture

Upholstered is manufactured in the production facility Sofa Style (Termal Inženjering until July 2022) plant in Majdanpek. This segment of Forma Ideale’s portfolio has gradually assumed a relevant position in the local and regional markets. Through constant improvements, portfolio development, growing demand in the local and foreign markets, expansion of production and storage facilities, Sofa Style is a modern producer of upholstered furniture today, with almost 200 employees in two shifts. The production and storage process is executed in the area covering 8,150 sqm.

Development of product range of Sofa Style company is aimed at further widening of product range and increase of export.

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