Today, Forma Ideale d.o.o. is a private company dealing with furniture manufacturing and distribution through its widespread retail and wholesale network. It numbers around 1.700 employees and is ranked as a large company. In accordance with the employment standards of the most developed countries, more than one third of the total number of employees are women. The employees are mainly young people with the average age being 35 at company level.

The organizational structure:

  • Marketing sector
  • Designing and development sector
  • Sector for sale
  • Procurment sector
  • Sector for production
  • Retail sector
  • Sector for finance and collective business which includes:
    • Quality control department
    • IT department
    • HR department
    • Law and common business department
    • Accounting department
  • Logistic sector which includes:
    • Export/Import department
    • Aftersales department
    • Transport department
    • Warehouse and stores department

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