System of elements MOLISE - Elegance you have been waiting for

The MOLISE system of elements is a design solution developed with great care within minimalist features and the presence of classic design notes. As a harmonious combination of artisan oak and white or black painted glass, it is an ideal blend of a creative and bold design solution with a visually striking identity.

The MOLISE system of elements is characterized by proper element design lines, with handle-free fronts and a soft-close drawer closing mechanism, which is this year's innovation in both technical and design solutions for this type of Forma Ideale panel furniture. The gloss effect to which black and white colored glass fronts contribute, can be accentuated by the incorporation of LED lighting, which further highlights these elements in every setting.

The MOLISE system of elements contains 7 elements that are an adequate solution for the complete living room and dining room. It is a choice of exquisite taste that brings in every living space the features of modern design and high style, so for this reason the usable value and practicality are only additional benefits, while in the first place stands out its aesthetic value, which is an indispensable feature of modern interiors

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