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VALENCIA - Rustic charm for home warmth

Rustic charm for home warmth System of elements VALENCIA element system for furnishing the living room ambience is a combination of rustic charm and ambient seriousness that comes through the right design lines. It is ...

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Contrasting decors to the elegance of modern interiorsSystem of elements LUSITANIA for furnishing the living room represents a design step forward in contrasting the decor, which contributes to the elegance and ...

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System of elements MOLISE Elegance you have been waiting for

The MOLISE system of elements is a design solution developed with great care within minimalist features and the presence of classic design notes. As a harmonious combination of artisan oak and white or black painted ...

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System of Elements Sardinia A reflection of an authentic and daring lifestyle.

The SARDINIA is the most complete collection in the Forma Ideale assortment for 2020, as it consists of as many as 18 elements. The segments of the SARDINIA system of elements are carefully designed to represent a ...

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System of elements TRENTINO - A contemporary contrast in the interior

The TRENTINO collection is intended for functional living room design and it contains five elements - TV shelf Trentino TV 150, shelf Trentino ZP, showcases Trentino 1K VS and Trentino 2K VS1, as well as the cabinet ...

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System of elements UMBRIA - An elegant and charming decoration of living space

The design innovations presented by the UMBRIA collection, primarily the elegant and reduced design of elements and the charming vividness of the wood decor in two combinations – grey and gold oak, with a black decor – ...

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The form of a modern home

The form of a modern homeA modern combination of symmetric, clear form of ENZO system of elements together with a dominant corpus contrast in the black wood texture and fronts covered with white high gloss foil, ...

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Unique harmony in the interior

Gentle harmony of colours, texture and shapes that features the system of elements KENT introduces a touch of elegant classic style and refined taste into your living space. A collection of 14 elements is enriched with a ...

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The bedroom collection of Forma Ideale - for total rest and relaxation

The bedroom is supposed to be your oasis of peace, a place where you can relax after a hard day's work - the tastefully chosen furniture is here to provide you with a complete sense of comfort and coziness. Our line of ...

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