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Furnishing of kitchen is demanding and challenging work with special accent on successful organization and utilization of limited space. Design of Forma Ideale’s new collection of kitchen elements is guided by highly ranked interior standards and contributes to luxurious, and at the same time harmonious profiling of the ambient. There is a large selection of possible combinations of kitchen elements and possibility of creation an ideal kitchen rich in functionality, which can be assembled in a likable rustic manner, or it can bring a modern and bold design. What highlights the new collection of kitchen elements is the possibility to combine styles and colors, which will give uniqueness to your home.

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ELEGANCE kitchen collection

Elegance and compactness of ELEGANCE kitchen collection, which is available in white, red, cappuccino or grey high gloss pattern, will introduce the sense of luxury and minimalistic design to your home. This kitchen model has highly functional features and enables combination of …

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